Map. History of Moldova conflict

19 January 2018
Russia again is conducting a drills in the unrecognized Transnistria, Moldova
Moscow city court upheld the earlier ruling by a district court on arrest (in absentia) of Moldova's wealthiest businessman and leader of Moldova's ruling PDM party Vlad Plahotniuc
Franak Viacorka: I am detained in Chisinau airport by border guards just after I said that I work for Radio Liberty
Moldova PM wants Russian "peacekeepers" to leave the country
National bank data show Moldova's principal foreign investors are from EU countries
Igor Dodon confirms Turkey will renovate Moldova's Presidency building
The constitutional court of Moldova suspended the power of the President of Dodon
The Moldovan Parliament appealed to the Constitutional Court with a request to again temporarily remove Dodona from the duties of the President and transfer the right of signature to the Speaker of Parliament A. Kanda for rotation in the Cabinet. Reason: Dodon refuses to sign new appointments
Moldova President Angers Govt by Vetoing Proposed Ministers
Moldova could get better price for gas
Dodon: Moldova cannot develop without cooperation with Russia
Pro-Kremlin President of Moldova Dodon refused to sign the law on countering of Russian propaganda
Moldova parliament wants to change several ministers in Cabinet, Dodon against
Ukraine and Moldova introduce joint control at the border checkpoint Palanka1 月 前
Ukraine and Moldova introduce joint control at the border checkpoint "Palanka"
Pro-Kremlin Moldova President Dodon says withdrawal of the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia is a provocation
Moldova has withdrawn its ambassador to Russia indefinitely in response to what it says are increasing efforts by Russia to intimidate Moldovan officials and politicians.
Russia will limit the supply of vegetables and fruit from Kazakhstan because of the "Serbian" and "Moldovan" apples
NATO Liaison Office in Moldova is inaugurated now
The Moldovan Parliament adopted today a law limiting the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in the country
Moldova deploys 8th contingent KFOR-8 for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo1 月 前
Moldova deploys 8th contingent KFOR-8 for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo
U.S. SOF just concluded two months of training near Chisinau alongside partners from Moldova
Monument to "Russian peacekeeper" was opened in Transnistria, Moldova
On the border with Moldova Ukrainian border guards detained, early deported, Georgia citizen Vano Nadiradze, in attempt to illegally enter Ukraine
March in support of re-unionification with Romania in Chisinau
Dodon says the incident with the deportation of Russian journalists is under his control
Ukraine and Moldova police and border guards in joint operation exposed drugs smuggling channel
Moldova deports Russian TV reporters from main state channel and military Zvezda channel.
Reporter of Kremlin TV Zvezda Alexey Samoletov was detained in Chisinau airport
Dodon criticized the results of the "Eastern partnership" summit
OSCE believe that there is "significant progress" in negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol