Map. History of Moldova conflict

24 September 2017
Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from the breakaway Transnistria
Moldovan and Romanian Armed forces in Joint Exercise 'Fire Shield' 2017 at Bulboaca Moldova. Exercise ended today (22 Sept. 2017).
MPs of Moldova parliament start to gather signatures to impeach President Dodon
Transnistria has asked the observer status at UN and complained on Moldova asaggressor
In Chisinau protested against the mixed system of parliamentary elections
In Chisinau, the protesters demanded to arrest the accounts of Dodon, and ban him from EU
The socialist leader thanked Russia for its position on the "provocations" of the authorities of Moldova
Dodon: Positive changes in relations between Moldova and Russia exist and will be continued
President of Moldova Igor Dodon held a meeting with the head of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov
Igor Dodon hands “Order of the Republic” to Turkmenistan President Berdymuhamedov
Prime Minister Yıldırım, meeting with the President of the Parliament of Moldova
PM of Ukraine Groysman met PM Moldova Pavel Filip in Odesa
Moldova President Dodon wants Minister of Defense to resign cause of exercise in Ukraine
Dodon has forbidden the participation of Moldovan military in exercises abroad without his permission
Military from Moldova arrived in Ukraine for Rapid Trident ex., despite Dodon ban
The government of Moldova: the military will go to Rapid Trident exercise despite the ban of Dodon
President of Moldova banned participation in exercises RapidTrident 2017 for Moldovan Armed Forces
The President of Moldova Igor Dodon banned Moldovan soldiers from taking part in Ukrainian military exercise
Lavrov: the initiators of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria want war of Russia with Ukraine and Moldova
Moldova has deported another Russian delegation on the way to Transnistria
Leader of breakaway Transnistria said he would mobilise 10,000s militiamen in case if Moldova attempts takeover
Moldova welcomes the appointment of Kryzhanovsky as Ukraine special representative for the Transnistrian settlement
Russia’s ambassador to UN about Moldova’s request: The reintegration process will not be a peaceful one
The Liberals gave Dodon a Medal "The Traitor of the Nation". Ceban: "Put it in Ghimpu's throat"
Moldovan troops at parade in Kyiv
Moldova has asked to include the issue of the full withdrawal of Russian troops in the agenda of the session of the UN General Assembly
Moldova has addressed the UN on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria
Poroshenko appointed Kryzhanovsky a representative for Transnistria settlement
In Moldova searches in the government building and the Ministry of justice
Dodon said Russia and Turkey are "friends of Moldova"