Map. History of Moldova conflict

14 December 2017
Russia will limit the supply of vegetables and fruit from Kazakhstan because of the "Serbian" and "Moldovan" apples
NATO Liaison Office in Moldova is inaugurated now
The Moldovan Parliament adopted today a law limiting the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in the country
Moldova deploys 8th contingent KFOR-8 for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo
U.S. SOF just concluded two months of training near Chisinau alongside partners from Moldova
Monument to "Russian peacekeeper" was opened in Transnistria, Moldova
On the border with Moldova Ukrainian border guards detained, early deported, Georgia citizen Vano Nadiradze, in attempt to illegally enter Ukraine
March in support of re-unionification with Romania in Chisinau
Dodon says the incident with the deportation of Russian journalists is under his control
Ukraine and Moldova police and border guards in joint operation exposed drugs smuggling channel
Moldova deports Russian TV reporters from main state channel and military Zvezda channel.
Reporter of Kremlin TV Zvezda Alexey Samoletov was detained in Chisinau airport
Dodon criticized the results of the "Eastern partnership" summit
OSCE believe that there is "significant progress" in negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol
Austrian OSCE Chairman, OSCE Secretary General welcome agreement on several social, economic issues in the Transnistrian settlement process
Moscow protests the ban of the Russian delegation to Moldova
EU Commissioner @JHahnEU says eastern partnership countries, like Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, first have to implement what has already been agreed before starting accession talks to eventually join the EU
Tusk met with PM @filip_pavel to discuss EU-Moldova relations and prepare for the EaPSummit tomorrow
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg met today with the PM of Moldova @filip_pavel
Moldova refused entrance to another Russian delegation
In Moldova talks about the "special status" for Transnistria in the near future
Dodon said that Transnistria could become part of Ukraine, but never Russia
European Parliament proposes new ways to intensify EU relations with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit on 24 November.
PM Netanyahu met with Moldavian PM Pavel Filip. PM Netanyahu congratulated 25 years of relations between the countries.
Moldova reiterates strong support for unity and constitutional order in Spain
Moscow is ready to resume cooperation with Tiraspol
The speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu will sign decree on appointment Mindef Eugene Sturzy instead of Dodon
In Moldova, Socialist president Dodon calls for mass protests to trigger dissolution of the current parliament and the early election
Moldova’s president accuses Constitutional Court of treason after judges suspend him temporarily
Moldova constitutional court suspended Igor Dodon from his duties as president of the country, after he failed to appoint defence minister for almost a year