Map. History of Moldova conflict

24 September 2018
Moldova President @dodon_igor throws a hissy fit, condemns his own Foreign Minister @Tudor_Moldova for expelling 3 Russia diplomats, calls it an "anti-Russian provocation" stressing his country has NO obligations to Britain to follow suit "out of solidarity"
Moldova's foreign ministry says three Russian diplomats are to be expelled from the country in solidarity with the UK over the nerve agent attack
Thousands gathered today in central Chișinău to celebrate 100 years since the Union of Basarabia with Romania and to promote the Union of Moldova and Romania
Moldova will return to Russia the Ambassador withdrawn in December
2 killed as result of grenade explosion at market in Chisinau
Explosion hits store in Moldova's capital Chisinau, several people were killed - report
Russian Presidential elections: 96,4% of votes for Putin in Transnistria6 month ago
Russian Presidential elections: 96,4% of votes for Putin in Transnistria
President Dodon's warning: I will form a National Front of Resistance for all citizens who are against the Union with Romania
Moskal: "An attack on the Hungarian center was organized by an employee of the MGB of Transnistria"
The parliamentary speakers from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia said Friday that the continued presence of Russian military in their countries was destabilizing.
March in memory of heroes of war of 1992 in Chisinau
March in memory of fallen soldiers in conflicts for Moldova territorial integrity
Dodon said that Moldova will not join the EU
"The EU is strongly supporting the country of Moldova and its citizens," says @FedericaMog, distinguishing that from supporting the government. She explains that supporting the people means demanding credible reforms of the gov't
NATO launches second cyber defence project with Moldova
EU will help Moldova and Ukraine to modernize the border infrastructure
President Dodon angered by local calls for Reunion with Romania, gets accused of double standards on separatism
Russia hold military drills in Transdniestria, Chisinau is concerned
Moldova reportedly plans to demand a financial compensation from Russia for 25-year-long occupation of the breakaway Transnistria region
The Moldovan Parliament has registered a bill on withdrawal from the CIS.
Russia again is conducting a drills in the unrecognized Transnistria, Moldova
8 month ago
Moscow city court upheld the earlier ruling by a district court on arrest (in absentia) of Moldova's wealthiest businessman and leader of Moldova's ruling PDM party Vlad Plahotniuc
Franak Viacorka: I am detained in Chisinau airport by border guards just after I said that I work for Radio Liberty
Moldova PM wants Russian "peacekeepers" to leave the country
National bank data show Moldova's principal foreign investors are from EU countries
Igor Dodon confirms Turkey will renovate Moldova's Presidency building
The constitutional court of Moldova suspended the power of the President of Dodon
The Moldovan Parliament appealed to the Constitutional Court with a request to again temporarily remove Dodona from the duties of the President and transfer the right of signature to the Speaker of Parliament A. Kanda for rotation in the Cabinet. Reason: Dodon refuses to sign new appointments
Moldova President Angers Govt by Vetoing Proposed Ministers
Moldova could get better price for gas9 month ago
Moldova could get better price for gas
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