21 July 2024
1 year ago
Security Service of Ukraine dismissed accusations by Transnistria authorities of an assassination plot as provocation
Reuters reporting that officials in the Russian-controlled Transnistria region of Moldova say they have foiled an assassination attempt against the region's "president" Vadim Krasnoselsky
Authorities in Transnistria, breakaway region of Moldova, claim they've foiled assassination attempt against local leader. Police detained former resident of Tiraspol, claimed he was recruited and trained by SBU in Odesa. In a plot Land Rover with 8 kgs of RDX explosive should be detonated in central Tiraspol
The Moldovan opposition announced a new protest rally on Sunday, March 12. The rally participants will gather at 13:00 near the Parliament building.
PM of Moldova Dorin Recean met with the President of Romania @KlausIohannis and PM of Romania Nicolae Ciuca in Bucharest
Local authorities in Transnistria announced a three-month training camp for those wishing to serve as a peacekeeper from March 1
Massive police presence in Chișinău
The protesters are blocking both lanes of the M2 highway leading to Chisinau according to the police and are blocking emergency vehicles1 year ago
The protesters are blocking both lanes of the M2 highway leading to Chisinau according to the police and are blocking emergency vehicles
Unidentified people poured paint over the Rossotrudnichestvo building in Chisinau
1 year ago
It's propaganda
Russian Ministry of Defense accused Ukraine in preparations of invasion of Transnistria region of Moldova, promised response from Russian troops there
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense accused Ukraine in planning provocation in Transnistria, claiming Ukrainian SOF in Russian uniform will attack Ukraine
1 year ago
Army of Moldova to conduct a drill in Balti on 21st-23rd Ferbuary
Moldova's new prime minister says that Russian troops stationed in Transnistria must be expelled "The dangers are increasing", he adds
Big opposition rally in central Chisinau, at least 6 were detained before the start of the rally
Police of Moldova found debris of a missile near Briceni town1 year ago
Police of Moldova found debris of a missile near Briceni town
Moldova has closed its airspace until evening
1 year ago
Several Russian reconnaissance drones or balloons with reflectors were recorded over Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr regions moving south from Belarusian border towards Moldova, also drones reportedly in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions
According to the latest NOTAM, the airspace of the Republic of Moldova is temporarily closed for security reasons until 16:00 local time
Moldova authorities have prohibited entrance for fans of FC Partisan Belgrade into Moldova for game with Sherif Tiraspol
1 year ago
President Sandu: Russia's plan to install a new, illegitimate government obedient to Moscow through mass protests last autumn. She asked Parliament to provide more powers to security forces and prosecutors
Maia Sandu confirms Zelensky's claims on Russia's destabilisation plans for Moldova. The new FSB strategy, she has just said in a press briefing, is for individuals to break into state institutions and take hostages
Moldovan President Maia Sandu has nominated defense adviser Dorin Recean to become the country's prime minister following the resignation of the previous government under Natalia Gavrilita
Moldova's prime minister Natalia Gavrilița has resigned. "During these 18 months of office, we governed in continuous crises," said Gavrilița at a presser. "We managed the refugee crisis and won the sympathy of the whole world."
Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov urgently summoned to the Moldovan Foreign Ministry after Russian missiles violated Moldovan airspace
Moldova's President Maia Sandu acknowledges that country needs to assess whether it can defend itself or whether it "should be part of a larger alliance
1 year ago
Moldovan bomb squads detonated an 80-kilogram explosive warhead from a Russian missile that fell in the northern part of the country near Larga on January 14
Issues with electrical supply reported in Moldova
Moldova PM Natalia Gavrilița is on visit in Ukraine1 year ago
Moldova PM Natalia Gavrilița is on visit in Ukraine
1 year ago
Parts of missile have fallen at Bricani district of Moldova, no damage, no casualties
Moldelectrica warns about possible blackouts across Moldova