18 July 2024
The Parliament of Moldova approved in the final reading the suspension of the CFE Treaty
The head of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova, Evgenia Gutsul, again came to Moscow on a working visit. This is her second trip to Russia in the past month
Drone exploded in Rybnitsa region in Transnistria, - according to local authorities
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova will expel an employee of the Russian Embassy due to the opening of polling stations in Transnistria
4 month ago
Representative of Ukrainian Military Intelligence says an incident in Transnistria is a "Russian provocation"
Video of Mi-8 helicopter destroyed by a drone in Transnistria
Authorities in Transnistria region say a drone hit military base causing explosion and a fire
A man was detained in Chisinau for throwing a Molotov cocktail at the Russian Embassy building
Moldova MFA has summoned Russian Ambassador after reports that Russian polling stations will be opened in Transnistria
France pledges 'unwavering support' to Moldova amid threats of Russian destablisationn
Putin in Sochi met with the head (bashkan) of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova Evgenia Gutsul4 month ago
Putin in Sochi met with the head (bashkan) of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova Evgenia Gutsul
France and Moldova will sign a defense cooperation agreement this Thursday. The agreement would underline "support for the independence, sovereignty and security of the Republic of Moldova, in the context of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine"
Moldova suspended participation in Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
President Zelensky discussed with President Sandu situation in Transnistria
Transnistria asking Russia to help due to the economic blockade from Chisinau. The corresponding declaration was adopted by the Congress of local Deputies
Participants in the congress of deputies of all levels opening in Transnistria intend to ask Russia for help, - says the draft resolution of the congress, which the deputies received for review. Ask the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Russian Federation to implement measures to protect Transnistria
Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova: I welcome the decision of the US Gov to include in the sanctions list those responsible for actions that undermine security and Kremlin-linked election interference. Our partners' support goes hand in hand with our continuous efforts to fight against fraud & protect democracy
EU ambassador to Moldova Janis Mazeiks: "We cannot exclude the option in which, in a first phase, the Republic of Moldova would join the EU without the Transnistrian region. In the accession negotiations, we will have only one partner - the Government of the Republic of Moldova"
Moldovan President Maia Sandu said she wants to use a referendum to stipulate in the constitution the irreversibility of the country's accession to the European Union
Avia Invest, affiliated with the oligarch Ilan Shor, irrevocably lost the case against the Moldovan Government regarding the recognition of the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce's in Stockholm decision of the state regaining control over the Chisinau Int. Airport
The European Commission spokesperson confirmed just now that the EU accession screening with Ukraine and also with Moldova will start "immediately"
7 month ago
The Kremlin considers that Ukraine and Moldova's accession to the European Union may "destabilize" its ranks
Charles Michel: The European Council has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. EUCO granted candidate status to Georgia. And the EU will open negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina once the necessary degree of compliance with the membership criteria is reached and has invited the commission to report by March with a view to taking such a decision. A clear signal of hope for their people and for our continent
7 month ago
Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu called on Russia to withdraw troops from Transnistria
President of Moldova Maia Sandu has arrived in Kyiv8 month ago
President of Moldova Maia Sandu has arrived in Kyiv
European Commission: We’ve adopted our 2023 Enlargement Package recommending to open negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, to grant candidate status to Georgia, and to open accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, once the necessary degree of compliance is achieved
8 month ago
Ukraine evacuated first group of 43 Ukrainian citizens and 36 citizens of Moldova from Gaza
Moldova local general election results: in 19 out of 32 districts the pro-European governing party came first, mainly in the south and centre of the country. But they will probably only get one mayor of a municipality, in Ungheni, in round 2. The capital Chisinau went to Ion Ceban, who says he is now pro-European but he was on a secret visit to Russia on 21 Feb 2022. He is likely to run in the presidential campaign in 2024 and lose against Maia Sandu but then run again in 2028
French radio Europe 1 says a couple from Moldavia, who have been arrested and were behind the painting of around 60 David Stars on buildings in Paris were guided by an "individual in Russia
8 month ago
Zelensky said to EUCO leaders tonight: “Either our whole Europe with you will win - together with Ukraine, together with Moldova and in the future together with Belarus and Georgia - or the past will win”